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Structure line - these series of synthetic panels with patterns are produced with a specific SIBU Design company coating.

Terrain in different shapes and textures are obtained by heat treatment of surface.
These surfaces have a different shapes and textures, so it makes possible to create various designs and styles of composition.
Embossed panels SIBU Structure line is primarily used in interior and furniture complement, for the facade surfaces with decorative elements, using them as filler or decorative linings.

These panels also are ideal for use as partitions and screens of decorative material.
Standard panels from SIBU Structure line series includes a variety of designs (for example: Square, Pyramid, Wave, Step, and the Globe), as well as various types of surface coating (silver, gold, aluminum, blue and wood imitation coatings).
New, unique innovation of this panel series are panels of two different color combinations, such as: silver and gold surface, with a combination of dark blue-metallic and silver, with a combination of surfaces silver and aluminum.

Modern look, a quick and easy installation and handling is one of the main SIBU Structure-line panels' benefits!

The products from stock program meet DIN 4102-B2 fire protection stipulations (Material is burning similarly to wood)

001 The panels are suitable for wet rooms.


If the goods are not in storage, minimum order amount is LVL 950 (order may consist of different types of panels). About other ordering options please call 67496001.

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