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Plastic panels Deco-line - these panels are made of plastic with a particular shock-treated surface.
These panels' series is the basis for the rest of SIBU design plates.

SIBU design Deco-line panels include a variety of high quality surface finish: with mirror surfaces (Please note, the MIRROR finish produces some image distortion and is only recommended as a design element not an actual replacement of a mirror.) or the appearance of metalized surfaces: polished silver, gold and shades of anthracite, and other metallic colors, also are available panels with imitation of wood coatings.
SIBU design Deco-line panels are made for use of indoor decoration and can be used almost anywhere, except working surfaces and floor coverings.

SIBU design Deco-line panel technology allows the processing of the panels without special tools, directly on the assembly site. By the customer's choice, panels can be purchased with or without adhesive surface for installing of panel.

The products from stock program meet DIN 4102-B2 fire protection stipulations (Material is burning similarly to wood)

000 Limited suitability for wet rooms. No direct contact with moisture.


If the goods are not in storage, minimum order amount is LVL 950 (order may consist of different types of panels). About other ordering options please call 67496001.

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