Mirror defogger 600 x 400 mm

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Working principle:

Bagen mirror demister effectively transforms electricity power into heat energy, and then passes directly on mirror to heating up the mirror surface, warm up the mirror to a comfort temperature by the special rated power, which prevents the mirror surface from condensation of steam in bathroom effectively.

  • Power 48 W
  • Electricity consumption 0.048 kw/h

Feathers of demister :

  • Light and thin: the thickness film is 0.4mm, this thickness guarantees the effective transfer of energy.
  • Energy saving: the demister is with full backing self-adhesive glue, this ensures effective energy conduction.
  • Safely to use: all the defoggers are manufactured by excellent raw materials according to international standard. The finished product quality conforms to the corresponding international standard. The back self-adhesive glue is not only good for heat conducting, but also protect well against water to ensure safety in bathroom.
  • Various options: the heating area of the defogger is made in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, round etc. This not only plays the role of mirror demising but also meets the personal requirement of creating a more comfortable and beautiful environment.
  • Easy to install: the demister with self-adhesive backing glue, easy to install to mirror and work effectively.

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Manufacturer CITI
Unit GAB