DIVA FLUID sliding system 80 kg

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New Patented sliding system equipped with next generation Fluid soft-closing technology.

Diva Fluid is feautured by minimal style thanks to optimized sliding trolleys built-in the door with a totally updated milling pattern, meanhwile Patented Fluid dampers are totally concealed into the tracks in order to stand out the original design of the door.

The new patented anti-jumping system allows to grant the maximal safety to all installers and end-users, avoiding the door to fall in any circumstance.

  • Door weight: Max 80 kg

  • Width: 600 - 1500 mm

  • Close to floor: 10 mm

  • Distance between the wall: 14 - 20 mm 

You also will need: 

DIVA FLUID front rail 2m + DIVA FLUID rear rail 14 - 20 mm, 2 m


DIVA FLUID front rail 3m + DIVA FLUID rear rail 14 - 20 mm, 3 m

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Category Sliding door systems
Manufacturer TERNO
Type Wooden Door Sliding Systems
Power 80 kg